Got here

So, I got in fine to Ecuador. It´s really cool here, with loads of mountains and stray dogs and random stores. Yeah, I´m staying with the AFS coordinator in Ibarra until they find a family for me, so that´s going to be okay. She´s a really nice woman. I got to meet all the other AFS kids who are here for a year, a bunch from Germany, Finland, Europe in general. It was pretty cool. However, I stayed at a campground for Saturday and Sunday, and I suffered severely from the lack of internet. I could tell Obama made his VP pick, and I didn´t know who it was... But Biden´s a sweet pick. I´m writing to you from an internet café, which are EVERYWHERE. It´s crazy! There are so many little shops and things, It´s nuts. And it´s so cheap, too! 70 cents/hour. The only problem is that it´s a Spanish keyboard, so all the non-letter keys are in the wrong place. On the plus side, I get ñ ç and ¿ keys. That´s cool. I´m understanding and speaking Spanish passably, but people have to be talking directly to me. I can´t listen to two people talking and really understand. People here are so friendly! We went to this fish place to eat, and we sat next to this other family, and we just started talking. There was one woman who was from New Zealand, and she said to be careful about being in Ecuador, because she came for one year too, but is still here 12 years later!

So, I´m going to try to enter in my dia journal entries, but I don´t know if I´ll have the time. Also, sorry if the apostrophes don´t show up on your computer. The accent key is in the same place as the apostrophe key on an English keyboard, so I hit it when I use apostrophes, and I don´t feel like finding the apostrophe, and it looks the same to me anyway. So deal with it! I would do a smiley face, but I can´t find the colon key.

Also also, I found out that the program ends June 23rd, which is more than 251 days away, so I´m going to be changing the name of the blog. When I care enough to count all those extra days.

>251 days left (very approx.).

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