I Make Art

I figured I'd take this time to talk a little bit about my artwork.

I also wanted to upload a picture of my latest soap sculpture. I woke up one morning and there it was, and I was covered in soap shavings.

Yes, this is the dread Great Old One Cthulu, who slumbers beneath beneath the waves in his dead city R'lyeh. Fear him.

The real art of this piece isn't the actual sculpture, but the story behind it. I went to turn this in yesterday, but the teacher had already left and his room was locked. This was at 10:20, okay? So, Richard Aldaz, Blanca Tuqueres, and I were standing there, like, Um...? We checked around for broken windows to try and put our sculptures in the room so we could say we turned them in when they were due (Friday was the last possible day), but there weren't any. Except one over the door. But we didn't want to drop them in, because we figured they would break. Finally, we put them in a bag and lowered them down onto the ledge with a stick. We attached a note, explaining that we had turned them in on time. I wanted to include a poem:

Por favor, Señor Licenciado,
Ud. es un hombre bien estimado,
No sea carajo,
Acepte el trabajo,
Y por nosotros estará muy amado.

But the other kids said no.

I've been reading a lot of webcomics lately, and talking with one of my friends about making a webcomic, so I though I'd try my hand at it, just to see whether I epic failed or not. It's autobiographical in nature, and I'm using it to show you in a graphical nature how extremely interesting my life here in Ecuador is. So, without further ado, I present issue #1 of

The Adventures of Jacob in Ecuadorland!

I drew another one, but I accidentally deleted the picture off my camera. Guess you'll have to wait. Sorry. It's meant to be read from left to right in a continuous horizontal strip, but Blogger decided that was too wide, so I had to format it funny.

Thanks Mom, for commenting, as well as Kristina, Silvia, and Victoria.

That's all for now. ¡Ciao!

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blackgirlart said...

can i get a copy of this comic?