It Can Be Moar Photo Teims Now Plz?

Yeah, I figured that since everyone stopped reading my blog after the month-long absence to write my novel, it's the perfect time to post pictures!

For this particular occasion, my class was participating in an AIDS day parade, in which we made a sign and walked for about half an hour before attending a decent concert and getting out 2 hours early.
So, from left to right, the girls shown here are Valeria, Blanca Tuqueres, Blanca Piñan, and Carina Arroyo, who I accidentally called "Cariña" because it sounded like that. Hilarity ensued, I assure you. ("Cariña" means "dearie" or "sweetheart" in my official capacity as person who translates things for me.)

This is Richard Aldaz. I think. He gets annoyed because when I come around to collect money (I'm class treasurer) I'm never really sure it's him or not. You'd think I know by now, but this kind of thing happens a lot. I'm not good with names.

This is Ricardo Castillo and MaiTé Charlar. Her real name is María Teresa, which took me a while to figure out. These two are seriously involved in school politics and stuff like that, Ricardo being on the student government board, and the both of them getting called out of class every day for mysterious projects. Ricardo's the guy I usually play pick-up football (It's not soccer, you Americans) and basketball with.

On the left is Sarah, the Norwegian girl who also goes to my school, and on the right, Andrea Guevarra. Sarah takes a really lax view towards school, attending it, doing assignments, taking tests, respecting teachers, that kind of thing. She's actually on the plane coming back to Ecuador right now, because she went back to Norway to attend her grandfather's funeral. Andrea is a really nice girl, and NO, Jesse, she is not my girlfriend, nor are any of there girls pictured here, nor anyone in the world right now.

The shortie on the left is Edwin Stalin (Yes, his second name is really Stalin, and we actually call him by that name rather than Edwin) Castillo (No relation to Ricardo) and the woman on the left is the person from the school who got us into the parade. I don't know what her name is, because kids here call all the teachers "Licen" which is short for "Licenciado," but I do know that she's a doctor, because she got really ticked off at Edwin when he called her Licen and not Doctora. And if you're wondering who that handsome, short-haired guy in the middle is, IT'S ME!!! OMGWTFBBQ? Yeah, my hair's growing back! I figure in June it'll be long enough for the Inspector to make me cut it again! Fun Fact: Stalin rides the bus an hour and a half each way to school. Don't ask me why.

As you may remember, the guy on the left's Ricardo, but the other guy is Diego Rivilla. He's another mini-bigwig in the world of high school politics, not to mention being an absolutely fantastic artist. Next Friday, we're going to make a sculpture out of flowers that he designed.

That's the sign we designed and painted, and by "we," I mean the teachers designed it and told us we had to use their idea, even though we came up with some good ones. It ended up saying, even though it's rolled up now, "Valora tu Vida, Protégete de SIDA-VIH" which means "Value your life, protect yourself from HIV-AIDS." My personal favorite was "¡No Tengas Sexo!" but Diego shot that one down with the quickness. The kid holding the sign here is Renan Cobo, who is quite possibly the most annoying kid I've ever met. He whistles really badly all the time, flicks lights on and off, opens and shuts windows and doors, and moves desks around. It's annoying, and sometimes I just go "Shut UP, Cobo!" But of course he doesn't understand.

This is what we painted on everyone's face. I think our school was more prepared than any of the other ones. Our sign was definitely the best. The administrators highjacked our Artistic Drawing class and made us work on it. Apparently, if it involves art, our school has to be the best. Or else.
This smiling kid here is Alexander Ramos, another good friend of mine, getting his face painted. Diego looks sternly at him, reminding him not to move. Alex doesn't like football, but rather basketball.

And here's a pretty decent shot of my class. The faces are small, but from Left to Right, it's Richard Aldaz, Blanca Tuqueres, Edwin Cuasque (A cool dude), Carina Arroyo, Alexander Ramos, Jorge Vinueza, Mishel Armas, Alex Tituano, Alex Maldonado (We've got three Alexs and two Blancas), José Romero, Ricardo Castillo, Diego Rivilla, and Edwin Stalin Castillo.
So yeah, after the parade, we went to a concert that had some interesting musicians, including an indigenous group that played pipes and drums. Then a really bad rap group came on, and the Doctor ushered us out.
SO, my computer's dead, something with the battery... *tear* "But Jacob, HOW ARE YOU POSTING ON THE INTERNET IF UR COMPUTERS DEAD??? OMGWTFBBQ." I'm at an internet café, which seems to be a really hard concept for people to grasp, because almost every time I tell someone about my computer, I get the OMGWTFBBQ response. Oh well. I find out Monday whether I got accepted, rejected, or deferred to MIT! I'll post on here the result! Unless I got rejected, in which case I'll be giving myself a lobotomy, Mr. Cheney and the Ice Pick style.
Peace out.

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wonderful photos and comments - NO lobotomy - i put a LOT of work into your brain - I have a property interest in it - do NOT damage it!!! You will be fine after monday :)

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