Received at 9:01PM, December 15, 2008:

Dear Jacob,

On behalf of the Admissions Committee, it is my pleasure to offer you admission to the MIT Class of 2013. You stood out as one of the most talented and promising students in one of the most competitive applicant pools in the history of the Institute. Your commitment to personal excellence and principled goals has convinced us that you will both contribute to our diverse community and thrive within our academic environment. We think that you and MIT are a great match.

You have until May 1, 2009 to let us know if you’ll call MIT home for the next four years. Until then, we look forward to building our relationship with you and helping you to get to know us better. Over the next several months, we’ll be in touch via phone, email, and web.

Because there’s no better way to get a taste of life at MIT than to spend some time here, I hope very much that you will attend our Campus Preview Weekend (CPW) for admitted freshmen, held on campus from April 16-19, 2009. You’ll attend classes, share meals and conversations with current students, and experience all the ways in which people spend their time and live their passions at MIT. (And most importantly, you’ll get to meet your future classmates!) Look for a new CPW portlet in your MyMIT account in January, which will contain schedule and registration information.

And now for the requisite fine print – I must remind you that this offer of admission is contingent upon your completing the school year with flying colors. (Because you’ve been admitted early, there will be many temptations throughout the rest of the year to keep you from your schoolwork. Please don’t let that happen!)

I hope you’ll agree with us that MIT is the perfect place to prepare for your future. As a member of our community, you’ll join builders, scholars, entrepreneurs, and humanitarians. Together, you will make all the difference in a world that desperately needs you.

Many congratulations, best wishes for a wonderful holiday season, and welcome to MIT! Now stop reading this and go celebrate. :-)


Stuart Schmill
Dean of Admissions

Received at 9:02PM, December 15, 2008:

Several strange looks from the other patrons of the internet café as I jumped into the air, screaming and yelling, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" and dancing to "You're the Best Around" from the Karate Kid.

About 5,000 people applied early action to MIT, and about 500 were accepted. And about 15-20 of those were from MITES.

Jacob "'13" Austin-Breneman


Ahana Datta said...

CONGRATS!(surprisingly, this is the first comment!)
I'm sure you must have totally deserved it...Best of luck for a wonderful four years!!

blackgirlart said...

You're the BEST around! Nothing will EVAH keep you down, you're the BEST AROUND!

We love you! We know you will do good things for the world and for the orphans!