More Photos

I like uploading photos. So here's some more.


This is the Me Beating the Crap Out of Hannes for Being Such a Moron drawing. I started it two posts ago, but just finished today.

This is my Emohand picture. The kids at the orphanage nabbed me when I wasn't paying attention and painted my fingers. Luckily, the nail polish remover only costs $0.50.

Oh, also, the school nurse made her annual weight and height checks of everyone, and I am officially 6'2.4", 169lbs. So, there you go. That answers a couple of questions, like "How much weight have I lost since I got here?" (16lbs.) and "How much taller am I than my dad?" (0.4"). Yeah. And I wasn't wearing shoes either, Dad. Jacob: 0.4, Brian: 0. :)

Okay, that's all for now.


Ben said...

You've lost 16 pounds????

are you healthy?

that black girl artist said...

love the hannes picture - the HAND is GREAT! The photo of your nails...well ummm ok i guess - how many orphans held you down??

I know that 2 weeks with american food will bring back the 16 pounds:)