Why Haven't I Been Posting?

Because FLVS eats my soul. That's why. Also, I have to finish a 70cm x 50cm canvas painting by Monday. Most of the people in my class haven't started yet.

However, for your viewing pleasure, I've started a self-portrait diary, wherein I draw a picture of myself every day, using different techniques. I've got eight now, not counting today's, but only six are up. I'll update this site sporadically. Also, it's really picture-heavy, so it may take some time to load. Sorry.

Also, my parents just got my MIT financial aid package. $48,000/$52,000!! Is what is being awarded! To me. If that wasn't clear. So yay me! I'm the best, AROUND, nothing's gonna ever bring me down!

Thanks to Emily, Mom, and Ben for commenting. Glad you like the site!


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