College Decisions

Hey! Brown University accepted me! With $50250 worth of financial aid! So that's good!

At least it balances out the fact that MIT emailed me and said they wouldn't pay for international flights, only domestic flights. Wish they'd told me that before I got excited about it. Oh well.

Harvard's still being stupid, because they screwed up my email address, meaning I have to wait for my decision to come via regular mail, which should take a few days. Not like I care about them anyway. ;)

Thank you to Kris, Vicky, and Ezra for commenting. Yes. It is MagicLand fire.

Time to go buy some X-Files. I'm thinking of only getting up to the seventh season, because after that, Mulder leaves and the show goes downhill. Your guys's thoughts?


Kristina said...

hold on. I thought they said that they would sponsor you? I am mucho confused.

Tylor said...

Psh..... purchase tv seasons. You make me laugh. If anything, i would buy the office instead but that is just me. :)

that black girl artist said...

buy it ALL!!! Buy it ALL!! More is BETTER! especially if it is bacon!

love you and brown is good!

Victoria said...

I went to Brown last summer. It was nice. Some areas were pretty sketchy but you can find those anywhere. I thought it looked a lot like Harvard, except smaller and less urban. though decision to make!

ps X-files freaks me out. I hate aliens. unless they're small, cute and fuzzy