Why I'm Online at 10AM

It's Holy Week!

all terms translated directly from Spanish

If you're like me, then you only had a vague idea of what this term means (something to do with Jesus, probably) before actually asking somebody. You were just happy when you got Spring Break, and if it happened to coincide with Easter, then hey, okay. Things are a little different here. Holy Week started last Sunday (I think), with Branch Sunday (called Palm Sunday in other parts of the world).

Sunday morning started out with me wondering why Anita was making me get up so early. Usually she lets me lie in bed until whenever I feel like (never later than 8:30, because I'm incapable of sleeping past 7:30), but Sunday was different. I also wondered why she was well dressed and carrying branches.

It was only later that it struck me that HEY, maybe this has something to do with Branch Sunday and Easter! Upon arriving at this thrilling epiphany, I ran upstairs to change into a Florida shirt and black non-jeans that were slightly more presentable than the torn brown pants and t-shirt I was wearing. Then we went to church, arriving a fashionable half-hour late, which Anita swears was due to one of the singers telling her 11 instead of 10:30. We rushed in past the people selling pre-made branches to those churchgoers who had forgotten to get some.

Church here lasts only one hour, so in a surprisingly short amount of time, people were crowding up around the Father with their branches, and he was throwing Holy Water on them.

It was kinda like in a concert, where everyone holds lighters.

Then we went home and had a giant bowl of Fanesca with Anita's mother and notably without any other members of Anita's family. Anita was kind of upset, because usually the whole family comes to her house on Branch Sunday to eat Fanesca, and all of a sudden "No one liked Fanesca." Now, Fanesca is a mashed-up paste kind of thing made of cream, potatoes, beans, peas, weird green things in shells that I think are vegetables, fried balls of dough, fried bananas, cheese, boiled eggs, and melloco. Now, most of the stuff in here is pretty nasty, like the cheese, the green vegetable-fascimiles, the melloco, but somehow it works out to taste pretty good. But then I had to eat it for lunch and dinner on Friday and Monday because Anita made a lot of it. Trust me, you realize why they only make Fanesca here during Holy Week.

Things were pretty quiet for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and then things kicked right back up with Holy Thursday. I found on Wednesday night that Holy Thursday and Holy Friday meant we couldn't eat meat. You know what that means. Moar Fanesca.

So, the horror ends on Saturday, and we get Easter, and then I have to go back to school. Ewwwww.

Oh, and Anita's daughter's pregnant.

That's all for now. And Jesse, two points. I understand that Boston is negligibly further from Florida than Providence. I was being sarcastic. I'm taking this fact about as seriously as I am the one about H.P. Lovecraft (that is to say, not at all). Also I was technically correct. The best kind of correct. ;) Thanks for commenting.



that black girl artist said...

Excellent - we like the pictures :) and the rock concert simile

that black girl artist said...

oh and who is the cat?

Kristina said...

Ah. And this is reminding me that I have been horribly negligent of Holy Week back in the states. o.O