Places I Want to Go when I Get Back to the States:
  1. The Video Game arcade (The only DDR they have here is the knock-off brand with diagonal arrows)
  2. The ocean (I'm in the mountains. It's cold. And not wet.)
  3. Barnes & Nobles (I'll have like, thirty back issues of manga to go through)
Food I Want to Eat when I Get Back to the States:
  1. Chicken wings (Homemade, if possible, from McKenna's if not)
  2. Barbecue Ribs (Homemade)
  3. Calzone (From Pepino's, only option)
  4. Pizza (Also from Pepino's)
  5. Slurpee (Volcano kind, which is Cherry-flavored on the bottom, Coca-Cola-flavored in the middle, and Cherry again on top)
  6. Beef Jerky (You'd be amazed the things you miss when you're not in America for seven months)
  7. Ice cream (First from Dairy Queen, then from the supermarket [Panda Paaaaaws], then from the Banana Split Republic)
Wait. Okay, Panda Paws ice cream is THIS:


Everyone seems to misunderstand that when I say what my favorite ice cream is. Also, I love Photoshop. Also also, pandas are sooooo cute.

TV Shows I Want to Watch when I Get Back to the States:
  1. Fringe (Tylor recommended it to me. Apparently, it's like a global version of The X-Files. Sounds good to me.)
  2. The Office (I've been keeping up with this on Wikipedia, but Steve Carell just isn't the same in text form...)
  3. I'm sure there were more, but I can't remember. Making that panda picture made me lose my train of thought.
Okay, that's all for now. Thanks for commenting, Kris. Yes, I don't understand MIT sometimes either. Thank you too, Tylor. I wouldn't buy them if I had a consistent source of internet in my home, but I don't so I do. Plus, they're really for my mom, who I know would prefer the DVDs. Speaking of which, I did buy the last two seasons of X-Files, so I've got them all now. They were pretty good, actually. I forgot. Thanks also to Vicky. I liked Brown too when I went to visit. It's a hard choice. A couple of things to take into consideration for me is that Boston is further from Florida (and my parents) than Providence, but H.P. Lovecraft liked Providence more than Boston...

Rejected alt-text for that panda picture:
  • The panda's saying, 'Why do you hate me, God?'
  • I refrained from putting tears in the panda's eyes because then I would have started crying.
  • I'm going to Hell for this picture.
  • Ben Stiller knows how I feel.
  • Their blood is actually made of candy!
  • Somewhere, someone took that picture specifically so I could Photoshop it like this. I mean, c'mon!


mrjlab said...

aside from the fact that our parents are not going to be in florida. prvidence and boston are a neglible distances away from florida.

that black girl artist said...

also a negligible distance from the moon