I Have to Pee!

I have to go to the bathroom, but I'm in the internet café and I don't want to get up because then someone might take my flash drive or headphones. It's not cool. And if I take the flash drive, then I have to close out of all my programs because I run my programs off my flash drive. So I'm just holding it.

Now, more information that you didn't need to know.

I woke up on Friday morning at 2AM and proceeded to throw up the half-digested Chinese food from the night before. Now, according to Anita and Rosita (They tag-team me on these kinds of things. They're worse than Mom and Susanne. Okay, maybe not.), the reason for this is one of the following:
  1. I ate too much greasy food the day before (just fried eggs, pork chops, and the Chinese food).
  2. I ate while sitting in my bed.
  3. I went to sleep after eating and without walking to let my food settle.
  4. The Chinese food was bad (Rosita threw this one out without considering it. It was obviously that I didn't let my food settle.).
Now, they didn't really care that I've eaten Chinese food in bed before going to sleep many, many times before, and it's never bothered me... *sigh*

So it was a strict ration of Gatorade and toasted corn kernels, which I promptly ignored and went to KFC for lunch. Anita, Rosita, Carolina, and Carlos went to Santo Domingo for Salomé's (you remember Anita's granddaughter) birthday party. I stayed behind, because I didn't feel like throwing up on the bus, and went to Otavalo instead. I got some nice stuff, fabric for Mom, t-shirts for Doug and Ezra (Ezzy, if you grew too much, it won't fit you, so you better stay tiny), and some cloth bracelets I thought Anna might like. Still gotta get stuff for Jesse and Silvia's wedding present (I'm thinking some Playstation games, but I dunno) and Eve and Dad. I was thinking a nice leather wallet from Cotacachi for you, Dad. On top of that fat stack of DVDs.

So that was fun. On Sunday, I was feeling strange and mopy, and I decided not to go on the end-of-the-year trip to the beach on Monday. Which turned out to be a good thing, because I had diarrhea. I hate being sick. Rosita and Carolina asked me why I didn't go, and I said I was sick. It was one of the few times Carolina's talked to me in the past few months, and it was just to tell me how stupid I was for not going on the trip. It's starting to piss me off. I dunno. People have this weird idea that it's impossible for other people to not be like them, especially teenagers (like Carolina, who's at the awful age of 13). Carlos is much the same way. I don't think he ever really grew up. It's not just people here, of course, it's people everywhere, but it's only here that my characteristics (like not going to clubs and getting smashed) are coming into extreme conflict with the people around me. For example, when we were planning this trip to the beach in my class, we were originally going to go to Atacames and spend the night there, which ended up being scrapped for the cost ($1010). Anyways, my math teacher was planning it with us, and he said, Oh, at the end of the first day, we'll all go out to a club, get a couple of beers, dance, you know. Regardless of the fact that I'm in 10th grade here, and most of my classmates are 15, and it's illegal for people under 18 to drink and go to clubs. Mine's just a different mindset. One that Carlos says is boring.

Sorry if this sounds a little angry, but it does upset me. Especially Carolina. She yelled at me "Liar!" when I said I didn't go because I was sick. What she doesn't realize is that I could crush her with my pinkiest finger.

So I went to school today, and no one showed up. Turns out it was just for the people who have to take extra classes because they failed their course. Turns out, I didn't fail any of my courses (even though I don't know how in the world I passed gym)! They don't hand out grades for the last trimester though. Oh well. Doesn't really matter anyway. I said good bye to those of my friends who did show up. Only five people failed one or more of their classes (one kid failed four) in my course. The other tenth grade class had twelve who failed something. We win.

Anyway, it was my last day of high school. I don't have to wake up at 5:45 anymore. I've got three weeks of vacation (with FLVS... Greater-than period less-than), and I'm looking forward to using it. To sleep in and spend time at the internet.

You know what, I think that's boring by anyone's definition.

Thanks for commenting, Jesse. I think cybermakeouts are great too, though not as great as actual makeouts. Thanks for commenting too, Kris. I'm not sure if Thunder Road is still my favorite song. I've got a bunch of new ones I like too.

That's all for now.



Emily Goodwin said...

Hi Jacob!
It's Emily from Chemistry again (I'm not sure why I always add from chemistry, but its habit and I want you to know who I am) Sorry you got sick, hope you're feeling better. And sorry some of you classmates are giving you a rough time. I understand all too well. Hope you enjoy your vacation and the rest of your time in Ecuador! Your blog has been quite entertaining, I'm almost sad for it to be ending soon.

Kristina said...

Your journey comes full circle tomorrow.

Peace and love.

Ezra said...

um, i'm sorry but "STAY TINY"!!!!!

i was never tiny.


Margaret said...

Congratulations on your graduation. Enjoy your vacation and keep an eye on your flash drive.