Some Insignificant Updates

Okay, just a couple of things of no importance to anyone (except the last one).

I made a comic version of my incredible trip to Quito to take the AP exam. It's only slightly exaggerated. I've got it up on my self-portrait diary blog, so check it out. I also added in some labels that appear under each post, telling you what materials and/or techniques were used. Click on one, and it brings up a page with all of the portraits made in the same way on it. For example, click on "watercolors", and you see portraits #s 4, 5, 6, 15, and 16.

I've only got 29 days left here, so I'm gonna be hitting up the tourist hotspots in search of bona fide Ecuadorian goodies to bring back as presents. Any requests?

I got a girlfriend, Kristina, who I met way back at MITES. This means, as Jesse says, a high potential for cybermakeouts. Oh hey, Jesse, you're one to talk, for someone who calls his significant other "Schmoo," short for "Schmoochies." OH BURN. Also, Kris said to tell you to shut up. She's got a black belt in karate, too, so it's probably not the best idea to piss her off. This goes for you too, Ezra, though I don't need any help in totally destroying you, at Brawl or in real life.

Thank you, Kris, for commenting. Yeah, I love hamburgers. Thank you, Mom, for commenting. Anita's favorite color is sky blue, and I only went to McDonald's because I couldn't find a Burger King. I'm a BK man through and through. Thank you, Jesse, for commenting. I think you become a guidance counselor by taking a test. Question 1: A student comes into your office with some schedule issues. Do you: A) Tell her you're too busy, B) Tell her to schedule an appointment with your secretary who's out to lunch, C) File her request in the paper shredder, or D) All of the above?

That's all for now. 29 more days.



mrjlab said...

Kris tells me to shut up?? About what? the cybermakeouts? I'm all for cyber make outs. And for the record schmoo is short for honeyschmuckle, which is way more sappy than schmoochies.

Kristina said...

Cybermakeouts? Come on Jesse! Also, hello.

@ Jacob: I hope your second attempt at going to Otavalo is better than your first. The thunder here is ridiculous. It reminds me of your favorite song's title.