I Think I Caught Swine Flu

Okay, this is gonna be a short post. Just a couple of things.

One, I finally made a decision about college, and I'll be attending MIT in the fall. Like that comes as surprising news to anybody.

Two, I feel kind of sick. Although I'm not vomiting, and I don't have diarrhea, or any of the symptoms of swine flu, and there have been no reported cases of swine flu in Ecuador (Ecuador FTW). My nose is stuffy, and I feel pretty tired. Which sucks. I hate being sick.

Three, I put some new self-portraits up on my self-portrait diary blog. Some good ones too, I think.

Okay, that's enough for now. Thanks for commenting, Dad. Hey, I'm bringing back a whole bunch of bad movies (and a couple of good ones) for you, but they're all packaged in a single case, so they won't take up too much space. Don't go out and buy the Dark Knight or Iron Man, 'kay? Also, there's a package coming from MIT with orientation materials. You guys can open it, but just hang on to the stuff until I get back. Won't be long now (45 days). Thanks to you too, Ben, for commenting. Did you not see that I said about three times that I was planning on doing a post about politics for the election but never got around to it? ;)



mrjlab said...

Man I totally thought I had the porcine flue, but then I realized I was just staying at my friend's apt who has a cat. Lucky me. It was strange as I have avoided eating pork products for the last 2 weeks. Also I wear a mask while sleeping ... just in case.

Kristina said...

Hey Jacob!
So there's a pretty good story that goes along with this.

A hundred years ago, if you asked someone when a black man would become president, they would have said "When pigs fly." Well, on the hundredth day of Obama's first term, swine flu :D

that black girl artist said...

I LOVE that joke of kristina's. she has a GIFT!

swine? why can't we call it bacon flu? it would be more palatable!

there were many people on the plane back from the Bahamas with masks and gloves on. They looked like zombies. maybe they WERE zombies. hmm. time for pop corn.
love you!
your mommy

Ezra said...

I believe all the cool cats call it H1N1!

Snap said...

Hey Jacob, I just wanted to let you know that you're awesome, and that I can't wait to see you in the fall.

~ Stephan B.