For the Future

So, sorry about the irregularity in posting. I don't always have enough time to post every Mon., Wed., and Fri., so you have to make do with what you get. Additionally, I forgot my journal at home, so no journal update for today.

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you what my plan for the future with respect to this blog is. As some of you may know, Saturday is November 1st, and that means that National Novel Writing Month begins again, and I am going to begin writing my fourth novel. This is going to consume the vast majority of my time, and I won't be able to write journal entries, which wouldn't be very exciting anyway. "Nov. 1. I wrote some stuff. Nov. 2. I wrote some more." And so on and so forth for a month. However, what I will do, is post what I write in my novel to this blog, so that people don't stop coming and then forget to come back. That oughtta be fun, especially if you liked the story I wrote about Randall Skall earlier. I'm actually in the middle of another one, this one about the rocket launch, but set in Tropic Park again. I probably won't finish it before NaNoWriMo starts, so oh well. But that's the plan.

So, thank you to Michael, who commented on my McCain rant last post. Now, I didn't say McCain was a drunken troll. I said he was lurching around from gimmick to gimmick like a drunken troll. Seriously. He starts out with this Bill Ayers BS, then goes into the socialism bit, then back to Bill Ayers before moving onto some pro-Palestinian professor that hosted an Obama fundraiser 8 years ago. WTF, mate? He has yet to settle on a single coherent message for his campaign, and we're down to about four days before the election. He tried national security, then when the economy imploded he jumped on that before realizing people like Democrats more than the GOP on the economy. His own campaign aides have repeatedly said that if he runs his campaign on the economy, they're going to lose, so he has to "turn the page" on the economy and focus on Obama. His single purpose with all these attack ads, with trying to ramp up the anger and the hatred of the small segment of his supporters who shout "Terrorist!" and "Off with his head!" at rallies is to make this election about whether Americans can trust Obama or not. This isn't Obama vs. McCain, it's Obama vs. Nobama. I wasn't into politics when McCain ran in 2000, as I was 9, but from what people say online he actually ran a very honest, very on-message campaign back then, and actually got destroyed by Bush's attack ads suggesting he had a black, illigitament love child. It's sad to think that a person who was once an honorable man could stoop to such terrible depths.

In an effort to convert politics into something I can laugh at (even though watching Palin trying to answer questions makes me smile, I can't laugh knowing that she has a shot at running the country), I've converted the thing into a Batman analogy. John McCain is like Harvey Dent. Bush is like the Joker. McCain was a good guy, trying to do the best thing for his country, doing the honorable thing, running for office. Then Bush comes along, attacks him, and really messes him up good. McCain, disillusioned and unable to cope with the viciousness of the world around him, becomes that which he hates most... (Plus the face cancer and the burning flesh thing really seem beyond coincidental...) Then, McCain starts trying to do the same to Obama (Batman) in 2008, and Obama has to defeat him in an epic battle. But you know Obama is going to make, irregardless of who wins on Tuesday, references to how much of a good citizen/person/senator McCain is. Just like Batman had to defend Harvey Dent's character because Gotham needed heroes. Yeah. Now you see the brilliance of my analogy. And, Biden said recently that Obama is going to have to make some tough choices if/when he gets elected president, that may seem counterintuitive, but that you have to trust him. Just like Batman made people think he was a bad guy. I astound myself with my comic book/movie brilliance and innovation sometimes. Maybe Hillary is like Raz Al-Gul, or however you spell that. You know, worked along with Batman/Obama (Obaman? Obatman?), but then turned on him and lit his house on fire... And it happened before the McCain/Obama matchup, so it even follows in that the presedential election is the sequel to the primaries! Dang, I'm good.

I actually had a dream a while ago that I was in the Hellboy museum in Miami. I gotta stop watching movies right before bed. I don't think there is a Hellboy museum in Miami. Or anywhere.

Thanks Mom, for commenting as well. I know we can't rest. I can rest, I guess, but you guys can't. So, get out there and knock on doors/phonebank/defend Democracy! And the early voting thing is going to really help Obama. He's winning in every early vote count in Battleground states that I've seen except in Nevada. Hooray, Obama! Boo, Raz Al-Gul.

Wow, definitly did not mean for that to become as long as it did. Peace out, guys. Ciao.


mrjlab said...

you know not what you have wrought. Now mom's going to come along and start posting some long incoherent rant/analogy or as I like to call it rantalogy about how obama is really the klingons and mccain is the romulans and how hilary is the christian slater character from Star Trek VI and that Palin is really from Rura Penthe not alaska. See what you have done. You should be ashamed of yourself. Don't say I didn't warn you.

blackgirlart said...


Obama is my president
whatever happens
this is america
not Star Trek
no metaphor
the black people are the black people
and the young people
and the old people and the women who think
and the men who think
and kids out on Route 44 with handmade Obama signs
or on the corner selling handmade obama bracelets for the campaign or a 102 year old african american man in line (with his walker) at early voting - saying "I DON'T NEED A CHAIR _ I'm IN LINE!!" and everyone watching him IN AWE. And new voters coming up to me to proudly show their new registrations. I am hopeful I can see the new world without having to find it in movies.

so there
rantology over
your mommy