FTJ: 13-9-08

Today, I got up at three in the morning with a terrible headache. I couldn't sleep, it was so bad.

We had a meeting for the other foreign exchange students, but only the ones that weren't there last week. I was feeling very bad, and tried to sit in the other room, but Anita found me and made me sit with them. They decided that we should go to Salinas, a very small town, by train, a very beautiful trip. Also, one of the fathers found out that I want to take guitar lessons, and he volunteered his son to teach me. He is Rodrigo, Lotta's brother. At four, I went to his house and he taught me alittle bit about the guitar. After, we went to a music store and I bought a guitar. It cost only $50, and it is very pretty. It's all black, with white on the rim. I'm happy I'm finally learning the guitar. I've wanted this for a long time.

282 more days.

So, short post again today. Sorry, no pictures. I'll upload a picture of my guitar later. Thanks for the comment, Mom and Ben. It seems like you two are the only ones left reading my blog. *Tear* I have no idea how you chew with no upper teeth. But then, I'm surprised whenever I can understand what he says. I don't get to watch the debates here. Internet's waaay too slow for streaming, and CNN is in Spanish and only in my mom's pizzeria, which has cable, and which I don't go to all that often now that I have school. By the time the debate's up on Youtube, it's also up on CNN and Electoral-Vote.com and FiveThirtyEight.com and I don't care enough to watch it anymore. From what I read, the debate wasn't all that much to talk about, except Obama crushed McCain, as expected. No one here knows who McCain is, but they all like Obama. And it looks like Obama's leading for the ├╝ber smackdown on McCain come Nov. 4th, but I am trying really hard not to get optimistic. But seriously, FiveThirtyEight gives Obama a 90% chance of winning the election, based on some weird math polling algorithm I don't understand. And, while we're on the subject, --This content removed for risk of offending a Republican, not that Republicans can --This content removed for risk of offending a Republican-- --.

So, now that I got that off my chest, I'm going to lunch. ¡Caio!


M said...

You're trying hard not to be optimistic? Wow...even I think Obama's going to win. Also, maybe you should just get a bunch of international newspapers to read. When you say the people thee like Obama, do you mean also the people who voted for yhe country's government to be less socialist? Because Obama is pretty much a -This content removed to prevent offending a communist-. You know? lol


mrjlab said...

evita estes sentimientos optimistas por favor, cuando McCain gana mudaremos a Canada. Tengo los formatos necesarios aca. Cuidate.

tu hermano jesse