FTJ: 14-9-08

Today, the other foreign exchange students and I went by train to a very small town named Salinas. It was a very beautiful trip. We went up on the roof and we could see all the beautiful countryside. When we got to Salinas, we went to a Salt Museum (Note: It was exactly as exciting as it sounds.) where they make salt out of the earth. (Note: Apparently, the ground there is full of salt, so they set up these filters that they put the earth in, and then dissolve out the salt with water. Then, they boil the salt a lot and then they have salt.) There were a LOT of mosquitoes, and poor Hannes was bit up a lot because he wore short pants. I had worn long pants, so I was okay.

Also, we ate lunch there, but I and most of the other kids didn't eat much.

On the return trip, I talked with Camille. It's nice to talk with another person from the United States. I learned a little bit about Washington State, where she lives. It's a little like the desert, with tumbleweeds and everything. Interesting.

280 more days.

So, I have pictures of the trip to Salinas, but I'll have to wait until - z0mg I'm on my laptop at a WiFi Hotspot, so I have them here!!

And the WiFi is too sketchy to actually upload them. Sorry to get your hopes up. I'll post them later. Thanks, Jesse, for posting. Yo soy joven, yo puedo esperar. Pero si gane McCain, nos mudaramos a Canada. O Ecuador. Es un pais muy bonito. Thank you to M, as well, for commenting, and caring about the feelings of Communists enough to censor yourself. So, anyways, until next time, this is Jacob "Haven't Missed an Update in Two Weeks" Austin-Breneman.

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blackgirlart said...

Hey Son,

We are glad you wore long pants. We wait with baited breath for each installment. We crave pictures. We know you are doing the right thing. OBAMANOS!!

Your mom is now officially a POLL WATCHER!

mommy and Daddy