FTJ: 12-9-08

Today was my eighth day of school. I had English in the morning. It's very easy, and always boring. I thought I was going to avoid Mark Twain when I read Invisible Man instead of Huck Finn last year in school. But Mark Twain is everywhere. Nothing much happened today except I drew two pictures of my hands. I'm getting better.

282 more days.

So, short post today. And what better way to liven up a short post than with pictures?!?¿¡¡ So, on Saturday, I went to the CaserĂ­a del Zorro, which is where a bunch of guys dress up like Zorro and race horses. I kid you not:

The crowd was ginormous:

I kept thinking Dory would be right at home (I totally knew it was Dory the whole time. Thanks, Mom.)

This is my guitar teacher, Rodrigo. I'm almost not being completely terrible at guitar, which is good.

From left to right, Gabby, who took us to the fiesta, Daniele, the Italian, and Sara, the Wiking. (Michael, they really do say "wiking.")

So, that's all for today. Thanks Ben, for commenting. I don't know if I can teach you Calculus, it's not something I have the skill to do over the internet. And yes, it does matter what classes I take. I have to do online courses. And that reminds me about my crazy history teacher. He just keeps building on it, and just when I think he can't top last week's stupidity, he says, "You know, in Switzerland, I heard that two guys married. What a scandal! And I hear that they're doing the same thing in America!" And then he launched into the usual "Men think with their minds, women with their hearts" BS. I looked over at Sara, who is a classmate of mine, now, if I haven't told you guys yet, and she made the hand motion for crazy. It's good to have another "gringita" as the teacher calls her in the class. I also noticed that he has not upper teeth, just the bottom ones. Weirder and weirder. Keep up the commenting! Caio.


blackgirlart said...

great pictures son, keep them coming! We want to see more! and its DORY that does the horse thing -- Annie is the harpist :)

Love you lots,


ben said...

How do you chew with only half a mouth of teeth????

Did you tell him that in America the government won't actually let two dudes get married except in two states out of the fifty? And that you think it's scandalous that the other forty-eight are so backward.

I should be watching the debate but i have crazy homework.... do you get to watch any there?


Steve Pitschke said...

So is there some coincidence that you broke up with one attractive young woman and now have new attractive young woman friends?

Wierd Uncle Steve