FTJ: 26-9-08

Today was my 16th day of classes, but I didn't have classes. It was Flag Day! Sara and I went to the bus stop, and the bus wasn't there. We didn't know what time school started, or why the bus wasn't there, but we decided to go to the terminal and take the public bus to San Antonio. It was a very good decision, because school started at eight.

At school, we had to march. In every school today there is a ceremony for the best students in the school. The band marched with precussion and trumpets. I had to stand next to them, and I went deaf.

I had to sit down because I lost my vision. It scared me a lot. After the ceremony I went home and slept.

276 more days.

So, you may be asking yourself why this is 26-9-08 and not 18-9-08. Truth is, I was so far behind in writing in my journal that I had to skip a few days to catch up. I'm probably going to have to do this again soon, because the last entry in my journal is 3-10-08, and today is October 20th. So, sorry about that. But I'm only human.

If you can remember back, this is the entry for the day when I blacked out. You can look here for the entry where I talked about that experience.

Also, thanks to Jesse, Steve and Pam for commenting on my blog. It's much appreciated. And no, water and power are not overrated. In fact, they are very very rated. As it turns out, though, the power was just out for my house. From what I got from the housekeeper, the electric company was cleaning power lines, saw that we were cleaning the house, and turned off the electricity without saying anything just to help us out. Or maybe they just accidentally shut off our power. I dunno. But, a list of schools I'm applying to. As a matter of fact, they are all in the Northeast, except for two. MIT, Harvard, Yale, Brown, Columbia, Grinnell, and University of Florida, the last two being in Iowa and Florida respectively. And Steve... I don't even know how to respond to you sometimes...

Also also, as I write this, a music video is playing on TV in which two nerdy guys are dancing to "Oh Oh... Oh Oh... Ooooooh ohohohoh" while being pelted with foam humanoid figures with blocks for heads. And I thought the music video for The Safety Dance was weird.

Also also also, if you didn't, check out the first half of a story that I'm writing in the run-up to NaNoWriMo. It's awesome socks, and posted below this entry.

Piece out, guys.

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