FTJ: 16-9-08

Today was my tenth day of school, but I didn't go because Anita decided to take me to the doctor. I was feeling better, but not perfect yet. The doctor listened to my symptoms and decided that I have a stomach infection, what foreigners get when they drink impure water. He gave me a prescription for some pills, and Anita and I left. I stayed in bed all day and watched movies.

278 more days.

So, I climbed a mountain on Saturday. Imbabura. I only made it about halfway up before I realized a near vertical climb for three hours was not my idea of a good time. However, I did what I wanted to do, which was be inside a cloud, and get some totally awesome imagery for my NaNoWriMo novel. I also took pictures, ruined my pants and shoes, and got soaking wet when it started raining. But you'll hear all about it when I post that journal entry. So, keep watching. Hey, thanks for commenting, Mom. My mom's a poll watcher in Florida for the election this year. It's going to be exciting! And thanks to my little cousin Ezra, who I just told about this blog. He's awesome. ¡Caio!


ben said...

Jacob I just had a great idea-- I SHOULD COME VISIT YOU IN ECUADOR. But I don't think I can because I have no money.

What does a poll watcher do?

blackgirlart said...

Hey dear,
Ben just asked me to be his friend on facebook! I feel SO honored! Anyway a poll watcher stays in the polling area and observes each voter being logged in my the state poll workers. we make sure people aren't turned away for improper reasons. We check the ballot box at the beginning of the day to make sure its EMPTY! We are the watchdogs of democracy YEAH!!

your mommy

M said...

Ballot box? Are we not using machines this year?

-Jake, too bad you're not an absentee voter. Absentee vote confusion always makes for great amusement. Also.......mountain climbing!!!...awesome socks.