FTJ: 17-9-08

Today was my 11th day of school. I returned to classes, but in the afternoon, my class went to a presentation on Immigration again. So I didn't have Artistic Drawing. *Tear* Rodrigo had to give his speech for the presentation, and because of that, we went. There were six people that talked, and I didn't really care about it that much. Ay de mi. But I was in Ibarra, and so I arrived home very early.

277 more days.

So, no update on Wednesday. I am sooooo sorry. I forgot. It'll probably happen again, but I hope not.

So, thank you muchly to Ben, Mom, and M for commenting. Ben, my mom says that a poll watcher is a person who stays at the polls and makes sure that no one is getting unfairly turned away, that the ballot boxes are empty at the beginning of the day, etc. etc. Democracy power! I think she should get a uniform, like a superhero cape and mask. And sneak up on unsuspecting old lady poll people and say, "DEMOCRACY CHECK." really loudly. That'd be good. And M, my socks weren't all that awesome when I got back from mountain climbing. They were really dirty, actually. I didn't put my clothes in with my dirty clothes hamper, for fear of contaminating the other, slightly dirty clothes.

So, no electricity in Yacucalle today, the section of Ibarra where I live. Yesterday we had no water. I think I speak for myself when I say, "WTF, mate?" Apparently, it just happens on occasion, and there's not much anyone can do about it. Weird.

Anyways, I love you guys. ¡Caio!


pamreid said...

Hi Jacob- Steven finally got your blog url from Jesse. He called the other night to let us know that he has been severely inconvenienced by having to move to Lima, but is trying to make the best of it.... Hope you are enjoying your SA adventure year. Keep us posted as you decide what schools you are going to apply for next year. New England may be cold, but they do generally have the modern wonders of electricity and running water... Pam

mrjlab said...

Electricity and water are overrated.


Pam said...

Hi Jacob-

Was just thinking about you and remembered your blog. Unfortunately, I have not caught the 'blogging bug' and don't think about regularly checking in.

Like the start to your Nov. post. Only got a few screens down, so far.

Also, saw you were applying early decision to MIT. Hope you get in and that we will see you more over the next few years. You can take advantage of the Reid-Pitschke Cafeteria and Basement Emporium...

Take care. Good luck wrapping up your novel.