FTJ: 10-9-08

Today was the sixth day of class, and I had English again. The teacher gave me a book in Spanish, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Gag, barf), so that I could read in Spanish. Then, every Wednesday and Friday, I'm going to pass the time in the library reading Tom Sawyer and translating the vocabulary that I don't know into English. I think that I can complete two chapters a week. English is going to be very boring. (Hindsight: It is.)

In 2-D Composition, I forgot my notebook at home, and so I didn't have my homework. Of course, I didn't do it, because I didn't understand what it was. We watched a movie on schemes, and we took a test on the movie. I got a 70%.

After that we had Artistic Drawing. We learned about the different types of drawing, and what we use in drawing. Afterwards, we drew some geometric figures and a shading box. It was very fun.

284 more days.

And that finishes up my small hardcover book. Moving on to the leather-bound one. I'm like, a week and a half behind, so I'm thinking of just skipping to last Thursday, which is when things started happening again.

Thanks to Mom and M. for commenting. And yellow = awesome. Caio.

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Yellow + red = orange

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