FTJ: 28-9-08

I got up first out of everyone, at six in the morning. I always get up early. I don't like that. Because everyone was sleeping still, I brought my guitar outside and practiced a little. Daniele woke up second and we decided to buy bread and eggs for breakfast. We were trying to make a fire to cook the eggs and we weren't having any luck when Camille got up. Yesterday, she had told me that she knew how to make a fire. And yes, she made a very good fire. I cooked scrambled eggs, with Daniele's help, and we had delicious egg sandwiches. Well, better than McDonald's at least.

I had a lot of fun.

When I arrived home, I showered and went to the internet. A very excellent weekend.

274 more days.

So. There're a bunch of Norweigians in my house, now. My host mom's former hostee is visiting with his parents. He speaks English and Spanish, his mom speaks broken English, and his dad doesn't speak either. It's fun!

I'm running out of entries in my journal. I really need to get on that.

Thanks for commenting, Ben. "TL DR"? NYU's a nice place. I got a friend there now. It's not in Spanish because I can't write in Spanish very well. As evidenced by my poorly-constructed journal entries. "she made a very good fire." I suck at Spanish writing. John McCain is lurching around like a drunken troll, reeling from one twisted gimmick to the next in an attempt to find something that doesn't backfire on him. So far, no good. I think he's happy with the poll numbers because he doesn't realize that having a lower number than Obama is bad for him. As he said, the economy isn't his strong suit, but I think that applies to all numbers in general.

Okay, McCain rant done. Love you guys. Peace out.


Michael said...

McCain's not necessarily as bad as he looks. He's just yanked around by his party. Granted, I still think Obama's the better candidate by far, but I wouldn't call McCain a drunken troll.

I wish I could say the same about whoever writes his ads, though.

blackgirlart said...

well son,
we are all encouraged by the polls but NOT RESTING!! THERE ARE STILL VOTES TO BE CAST! I am also apalled by the ugly attack flyers sent out by the republican national committee. I am saving them for you to see when you come home.

Gov. Crist just signed a law making early voting from 7AM to 7PM!! How about that! New Smyrna Beach Library gets 1000 people voting EVERY DAY!! Woo woo!

Love you! Wish you were here to knock on doors!

your mommy