FTJ: 9-9-08

Today was my fifth day of school, and I had Specialty again. Today we had the tests for Graphic Arts and Ceramics. In ceramics, the teacher is Sr. Lopez again. I began to make an apple, but I decided to change it to my hand. I liked it a lot. It was life size, and I put it over a small sphere. The girl next to me also made a hand. It wasn't better or worse than mine. There were others that were worse. One guy made a very weird turtle, the Turtle King, with a giant hole in its back. Weird.

One problem with my Spanish is that I don't have a variety of words. I only have one word for "weird," and I have to repeat it many times.

After ceramics we had the Graphic Arts test. The teacher talked a little bit about art, that they only draw in Graphic Arts. I decided that I want graphic arts and Ceramics. I hope that I get them, because I'm not going to get the sixteen points I need to be able to choose. I drew my face with the faces of my family. I failed, but the professor told us that we draw from our imagination, not from real life, or I would have drawn my hands.

In the afternoon, we had Artistic Anatomy, but the teacehr wasn't there. So we played a real game of basketball. It was very funny, because I'm so much taller than the other students, and I could get the ball easily. Also, on Tuesdays we have gym class, and we wear our sport uniforms and sneakers. It's a lot easier to play sports in this uniform than in the regular one.

The last class of the day is gym. The professor is a young man, a little younger than my dad. He spoke a bit about the class, and after gave us a Magic Square puzzle, where you have a 3x3 square, with the numbers 1 to 9, and each column, row, and diagonal has to add up to 15. I was the second student to finish it, and the teacher let me leave early, at 12:30. I take the school bus, though, and I had to wait a half hour. In the end, the bus driver didn't show up, and I had to use a public bus anyway. Lourdes, a teacher and a friend of Anita, helped me find the right bus.

285 more days.

Well, I guess when I take a break from posting for 10 days, people stop reading. Whatever. Posting has resumed, and will be done regularly Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Caio.


blackgirlart said...

Dear Son,

I am glad you are posting again. We look for the posts every day and email our friends when they change. Everyone is delighted with your writing.

Sounds like you are in a good place schoolwise. Remember the more you draw from life the better the imaginative work gets. At least that has been my experience. :) love you lots, no more fainting please!
Your mommy

M said...

No one is going to stop reading your blog Jakers. Everyone loves you, you yellow ranger.

Ben said...

I aint gonna lie I got worried that you stopped posting. I was about to come down there.

You should post in Spanish.

Do you know enough Spanish to argue with your crazy teacher about atheists or would you sound stupid?

Ezra said...

hey jake-

maybe when you get back you can write a book about this!

- Ezra