FTJ: 8-9-08

Today was my fourth day of classes. I had specialty in the morning. Like in my school in the US, I say that before the break is in the morning and after the break is in the afternoon. In the morning, I have four periods of specialty. Today, we tested in painting and sculpture to see which specialties we should take. I made a picture of the Municipal Building of San Antonio. It was terrible. (Hindsight: Don't try and say it wasn't, Mom. It got a 10/20.) All the other students can paint better than me. But I don't care. It was the first time I've painted. I was better in sculpture. We had to make a bird out of clay. I made a roseate spoonbill. It wasn't very good, but I saw worse, and so I was content.

During the break, I played football again (Note: Soccer, for all you Americans out there.). I wasn't perfect, but I was better.

The professor of social sciences wasn't there, and I suppose that I have to wait another week to see what science is about this year. When there isn't a teacher, we can do whatever. I don't remember what I did.

The professor of History of Art is very weird. First, it's difficult to understand what he says. And also, he has a weird face. He's old, and he has as much hair in his ears as on top of his head. He talks about a lot of weird things. Like, from what I could understand, according to him, women should watch the house and men earn the money, atheists are stupid, and something about "gringos" that I didn't understand.

286 more days.

So... I am so sorry about the ten day gap in updates. First I was sick, and I stopped writing in my journal for a while. Then I kept forgetting my journal at home. And then yesterday I was going to and I didn't. SO, I apologize. I'm going to start a Monday-Wednesday-Friday update system, which hopefully I'll stick to.

Big news for today, I almost passed out! I want to describe it in epic detail so I can use it later in my novel. It was during the Flag Day celebration. I don't feel like describing it now. You'll have to wait until yesterday's journal entry.

We were standing in line, five straight lines, lifting first our left foot and then our right in a faux-march, as we were standing in place. The drums were louds in front of me, and the trumpets louder. The music stopped, and for a few moments, there was only the sound of feet rising and falling in unison. The Inspector spoke loudly and clearly, ordering us to stop marching with a word I could not quite make out. We all turned to face the center, and I saw the back of the boy in front of me, his shoulders lifting slowly as he breathed. The ceremony proceeded, and my attention slowly drifted away. I suppressed a sneeze that was building up in my nose, watched the pigeons fly back and forth among the rafters, tried to find all my teachers among the stands. It was only when the Rectora began reading out the averages of the students that I noticed my hands were feeling very heavy. I was holding them behind my back, but they were slowly gaining weight, and I wished the Inspector would call out "¡AtenciĆ³n!" so I could let my hands drop to my sides. After a few long moments of waiting, he did, but with my hands no longer supported, my arms began to grow. Trying now to find some way of lightening my arms, I clasped my hands in front of me, ignoring the Inspector's whispered "¡Deje de moverse!" The movement threw me off balance, and I began to sway very slowly in a circle. This, of course, made me stagger slightly to the left, and I tried very hard to steady myself.

It was then that my vision began to change. At first it was bright colors, the yellows and greens that muted and disappeared, and I shook my head to try to find them. This only blurred my vision, exacerbating the problem, and I tilted my head back to reorient myself. There was a flutter of wings above me, I heard this very clearly, but I could not see the bird to which the sound belonged. My hearing muted, and I could not hear the speech of my classmates behind me or the footsteps of the Inspector as he prowled the ranks. As my vision disappeared completely, I felt as though I were falling inside myself, as though my eyes were windows in a pitch black tower that looked out onto a sunny world, and I was falling away from the windows, the circles of light slowly receeding until they too were swallowed up by the darkness. I rubbed my eyes with my hands, a slow and exaggerated movement, as though I were moving through a syrup. I felt the sensation above me, above my center. The being which is usually above my eyes was now down nestled in my stomach, feeling someone's hands rub someone's eyes. I blinked, and I could feel my lower eyelid touch the upper, but could register no change in light.

I felt a hand at my shoulder, pulling my away from my designated place. I followed blindly. After a few steps, I heard a buzzing noise, breaking at even intervals that I realized were words. The buzzing continued, and then the light colors returned, but all as white, the darker ones a black-red, and I saw the bars of the basketball hoop above me and realized I was still looking up. The hand stopped me where I was, and there was the sound of plastic scraping against stone, and then the hand was pushing me down into a chair. The white brightened, intense now in its visibility. There was a muffled "Tranquilo" and my savior was gone. I put my head in my hands and waited for my senses to come back.

So, yeah, that's basically how it went. I waited in that chair until the whole program was over, then caught a bus and went home. I went straight to bed and tried to ignroe the bright sunlight. At around 10:30 (I got in at 10), I remembered I still had some headache pills left over from the stomach infection treatment, and I took those. I stayed in bed until about 3, at which time I got up and took a shower. Then I practiced my guitar until 3:45, and went to my guitar lesson. I'm all better now, so no need to worry. It was just the extreme sunlight.

Thanks Ben, for commenting and reminding me that people actually read this. If I forgot to thank someone, I'm sorry, but it has been a while since I posted. I love you guys.

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