FTJ: 2-9-08

Today, I didn't have school because the professors were meeting. Nothing of interest happened today, except I put photos on my blog. I love having the blog. Some people are reading it and writing comments. Many years ago, I had a blog, but no one read it, and I accidentally erased it. I think now, I have something that's worth reading, life here in Ecuador. (NOTE: It also helps that I have more friends now.) There are photos also, and Tom says that he's going to make a podcast of my entries with a text-to-speech program on the computer. Also, today I went to a seamsman to make my uniform. There was a lot of vocabulary, like "Flojo" and "medir."

Nothing much happened today.

292 more days.

Yeah, short post. Big whoop. Thanks for the comments, M. Much appreciated. I always try to thank the people who comment on my blog, because I'm hoping they'll comment again.

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ben said...

dude I read your old blog. dont discount that.