It Can Be Photo Teims Now Please?

So, I promised photos, and here they are. No journal entry, because it's a bunch of pictures and comments. And people have been complaining about the length of my posts. Losers. :-)

First up is a picture of the family.

It's, from left to right, Anita, Rosalina, and Carolina.

This is a picture of my room.

One bed is where I sleep, and the other is where I put all my stuff. Yeah, it's messy. I don't care.

This is a picture of the house.

It's pretty big, with a nice garden space. All the houses here are fenced in. All of them.

This is a picture of the Socialism thing I was talking about earlier.

I couldn't find the exact one, but this is the hammer/sickle and PCMLE. So, there you go. There are a lot of these up.

This is a picture of a poster that a lot of people have up.

It says, "For my country, I'm voting Yes!" or something like that. It's for the "Vota Sí" "Vota No" thing I was talking about earlier. There's a picture of Rafael Correa on there too.
All right, it's getting dark, so I gotta go. Hey Stephan, thanks for the post. Haven't heard from you in a while.
Love you guys.


M. said...

Yes, it can me photo teims now. XD
Thanks dude.


M. said...

Try to say this really fast:

Me han dicho
que has dicho un dicho
un dicho que he dicho yo
ese dicho que te han dicho
que yo he dicho no lo he dicho
y si yo lo hubiera dicho
estaria muy bien dicho
por haberlo dicho yo