FTJ: 5-9-08

Today was my third day of school. I think I'm going to write every day the number of the school day, to see how many there are. I won't succeed, because I'll forget when I'm sick, but I can try, right? A kid has the right to dream, right?

I had English again, and I learned what I'm going to do this year. Instead of taking the class, I'm going to do some excersizes in Spanish. For example, my homework for today is to read a page of homophones and then write three sentences with each word. The teacher still treats me like a child, but I don't care.

We had composición plástico again also. I still don't know what we do in that class. Today, the teacher chose six kids. I was one. We stood in front of the blackboard for a few minutes while the rest of the class watched us. After, some kids tried to draw us in sillhouette in order to see if the class could guess the identity from the posture. Yes, they could for five of the six. There was a lot of confusion. The instructions weren't very clear, and two students tried to give me the marker to draw instead of them. (I couldn't because I was one of the six.)

During the break, I played football with Ricardo and some other students. Alex didn't want to play, because he doesn't like football. I was very terrible. I didn't want to run, and so I was the goalie. I didn't block anything, but I still had a lot of fun. I didn't know who was on my team, but I eventually figured out that Alex and some others were, and when I got the ball I gave it to them. It is very difficult to play football in the uniform. (NOTE: Seriously, I'm going to need some new shoes soon. Or at least a shoeshine.)

After the break, we had speciality for four classes. In the first class, the teacher wasn't there. Some students left to continue playing football, but I stayed near the room with Alex, because I wanted to be there when the professor arrived. And, when he did, he asked "Where are the other kids?" I was happy that I wasn't one of the kids playing football.

There are four specialties, painting and sculpture, or graphic art and ceramics. You have to choose one pair of classes, because otherwise no one would choose sculpture or ceramics. The teachers of sculpture and painting talked to us about why we should choose their classes. The sculpture professor was fine, but I thought the painting teacher was going to have a stroke, because he was so animated. He said that painting is the most beautiful form of art. I have to go buy school supplies.

Two Weeks Here In Ecuador!

289 more days.

I cut my hair.

I was going to fight with the administration about it. I was going to tell them that in my religion, you're only allowed to cut your hair once before you're eighteen, and I had already done that. Then my brother gave me some very good advice: I'm not Teddy. Specifically, the way I look really doesn't matter to me. So, I went ahead and cut it. Yay!

Dear Feelings Book, my life is spiraling into a dark miasma, mainly because my Feelings Book entries aren't as good as M's.

Hooray for inside jokes!


blackgirlart said...


here i was making a list of invitees to your brother's wedding when i was blown away by the news. you cut your hair. very cool. it will grow back.

i think i will cut mine again.

yr mom

so are you going to take painting?

M said...

I looked up plastico and got expressive, so I think you're probably taking a creative writing/thinking class......., which means plenty of time to practice your feelings book entries and thoughts. I estimate that you are currently Emo Lvl.4. 200 HOD (hours of depression) to the next level. lol.

Jessica said...

Dear Diary.....

lol. hope the food's ok.

ben said...

Your religion prohibits you from cutting your hair??

How are the other students??

Whats the deal with socialism??