FTJ: 28-8-08

Today, I woke up to a call on my telephone. I was very happy, because it was my first call, but I heard Anita's voice saying "Get up! Get up!" I went to the first floor and Rosalita told me that one of the AFS volunteers had died in a car accident. I have a problem with remembering names, and so I didn't know Mrs. Magdelena. Anita was very sad and surprised. She said things like "Life is short" all day.

We saw Barack Obama's speech today. We stayed in the Pizzeria until ten to see it.

Not much happened today.

297 days left.

Sorry, Tom, that this post is so short. And to M, who wanted me to post more pictures on my blog. I will tomorrow, I swear. Well, I promise. Well, I promise I'll try.

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