FTJ: 4-9-08

Today was the second day of classes. First I had math. I have taken Calculus in three dimensions, and this class is Algebra. Algebra! It's incredible. The professor began with series: "4, 8, 12, 13, 16. Which doesn't belong?" Oh my God. But the good thing is that I only have math on Thursdays for and hour and twenty minutes.

During the break, Alex, Ricardo and I went to play basketball. We were all terrible. We played in the gym, which is very dirty. But I guess that it isn't used for games with other schools or anything. It is an art school, after all. Some students were playing football (NOTE: I no longer think of it as soccer, and all of you who do are wrong.) in the gym as well, and sometimes I got hit in the head by the ball, but I laughed a lot.

290 more days.

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