The Dark Miasma of My Soul

So, I'm sick. I was here for three weeks, everything going good, and I caught Teenager Syndrome. For those of you who don't know, Teenager Syndrome is a very serious disease in which the affected teenager thinks he or she is invicible, and thus pays very little attention to personal safety. I woke up at 3AM on Saturday with a splitting headache, which persisted more or less throughout the weekend, and then on Monday I had stomach pains and a fever. The doctor says it's the disease foreigners get from drinking the water. He perscribed some pills, and the fever went down and the headache went away. The stomach pains are much less, but still some faint unease.

So, no journal update today, because I forgot my journal at home. Actually, I filled up my entire hardcover book my mom gave me, and will now be writing in the totally awesome leather-bound journal that was a gift from Michael's mother, Heidi. So, Michael, thank your mom for me. Oh, and thanks for the pirate cup too. If you look in the picture of my bedroom a couple posts down, it's there. It's been useful.

That reminds me. A bunch of thank yous to hand out.

First, a TOTALLY GIANT-SIZED THANK YOU to Silvia. With sugar on top. Sorry for not thanking you sooner. Also, thank you to Michael, who is another LTRFTW. I didn't get your email though. If you sent it to venturboy@gmail.com, I don't use that anymore, although I'll check it after posting. For the future, send it to jacob.austin.breneman@gmail.com. Thank you, Stephandsome, for bringing your stunning visage to the blog. Thank you Ben, for asking questions. To answer your questions, their response is varied. Most just accept it, but one or two just like messing with them. This one girl will just randomly hug administrators who come into our room. Totally throws 'em off. It's hilarious.

Hey, and a thank-you to my dad, who I missed last time because he posted under my mom's email. Also, you're not taller than me, Pop. Not even close. Well, close, but no cigar.

And, to those of you who thought you might see your name here and didn't, sorry I forgot you. Leave a comment, and I'll thank you next time.

More blog related stuffs! Tom Lieber, a TA from MITES who unfortunately wasn't one of mine, made a podcast of my journal entries, on the blog JacobAB For Lazies, which is Microsoft Sam saying my entries. If you want to hear them, either follow the link above, or click, on this blog, the title of the blog post, like "FTJ: 5-9-08." The first one is the 2-9-08 entry, and they go up to today. They're pretty funny.

School is still pretty boring. My history of art teacher is a nutcase. Apparently, he starts off each class with a little nugget of "wisdom." This week's was "Marriage is between a man and a woman, not two men." Thank you, Mr. Last-Name-I-Can't-Quite-Understand. Seriously, that guy has a giant nose, giant ears, and more hair coming from those than on the top of his head. First guy I think I've seen in real life with a combover. He's also the only teacher I don't really understand, except he says "Sí, señores" all the time like we're agreeing with him. Everyone just rolls their eyes when he's not looking.

So, I love all you guys. Keep commenting. Caio.

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