FTJ: 31-8-08

Today, we went to Catholic Mass. I dresssed up in a suit, but it was way more than I needed. I don't think anyone else was dressed as well as I was, except the Father.

The mass was very short, only an hour and a half. I had only gone to one Hispanic Catholic mass before, and it was more than three hours! I wcould understand half of what was said, and I didn't know the words when everyone talked. However, it was very interesting. The Sisters sang at the beginning, and afterwards the Father, two other holy men, and and some regular people talked. They talked about the different roads we take in life, but there was only one that Jesus wants you to take: The road of Community Service. I have to ask my host mother about tyhis, because I want to do some volunteer work. It's a good way to learn Spanish, and it's important to me.

The church was very beautiful, and very simple. The walls were light blue in color, and had several windows. The windows only had a blue cross in the middle, and nothing else. The only decoration was statues of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and some other people I didn't recognize. There were four Sisters, the Father, dressed in green and white, another holy man also in green and white, and a Brother in brown.

The church is having a trip to Jerusalem soon, and a man talked for a bit to give the dates. But it costs two thousands dollars to pay for the trip. How are the people supposed to pay for that?

In the afternoon, Anita and I were driving to Atuntaqui when someone hit us from behind. I knew that it was going to happen with the way people drive here. It was only a matter of time. No one was hurt, but I scared Anita a lot. She seemed really mad, but I think she was just surprised. The car that hit us was a truck with three people in the front. Anita and the driver of the truck argued for a few minutes. He said that Anita reversed into his car, and he didn't want to give Anita his information. While they were arguing, a couple of kids climbed out of the back of the truck to see what was going on. (NOTE: They do that a lot here, have a large truck with several people riding in the back. It seems dangerous.) She has to go the insurance agency tomorrow to take pictures of the damage. The back door is broken. There's a giant dent in it.

294 more days.

So, I said I was going to try to post some pictures. I forgot. I am very, very, very sorry. I swear and promise that tomorrow there will be pictures. To make up for it, I'll post two entries today. I'm sorry... ::tear::

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blackgirlart said...

hi son,

What a great post - this is really great for us to see what you are doing.

You could take a sketch book to church and draw what you see - even when you can't take photos. Thats what i did :)

you are fabulous! write more about school

your mommy